4 days Jordan Classical Tour

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Explore Jordan’s wonders and history in 4 days. Upon arrival at Sheikh Hussein border, we continue to the part of the Graeco-Roman Decapolis, Jerash, and spend overnight at Amman. Visiting Madaba and ST. George Church is our next plan on this tour. You will complete your adventure by visiting Petra, camping, and Jeep tour at Wadi Rum and finally visiting the Jordanian coastal city, Aqaba.

Day 1 – Arrival at Sheikh Hussein – Jerash – Amman (D)

Upon arrival to Sheikh Hussein Border meet and assist by Jordan Experience guide then transfer to visit Jerash: North of Amman lies the city of Jerash, sometimes referred to as the Pompei of the East. Jerash was part of the Graeco-Roman Decapolis, the league of ten cities bound by strong political, social, and commercial interests. It’s one of the best-preserved Roman towns outside Italy. Because Jerash has been covered by sand for centuries its colonnaded streets, baths, theatres, plazas, and arches remain in exceptional condition. A walk through Jerash is a journey in time. Can you imagine yourself being a Roman commander entering the town while riding your chariot over the paved stone? Or perhaps an actor staging a play in the amphitheater Or a priest leading a procession up the stairs of the Artemis’ temple then transfer to the hotel in Amman for dinner and overnight.