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Hope you all are doing fine. How is the Covid-19 situation there?

Our Management Team has over 14 years of experience in the Tourism Industry. Our experience and knowledge enables us to provide you with the best trips, experiences and customer service. With an expansive knowledge of the destinations and program. We are based in Petra , Jordan. We are contacting the agents and suppliers to be part of our team. Travelers is our Top Priority. Moreover, we are finding the best ways which can help to our partners to be comfortable for working with us.

Actually, the situation in Jordan right now is not bad. Despite the pandemic we survived and we let you know that we encourage tour operators and tour agents to travel to Jordan. The sites are open to all locals and foreigners (tourists). 

Because we all know that this covid-19 is not good for all of us. We all strive to just survive.

Our mission, to be of great help to every individuals or family or groups, so they can have an extraordinary travel experiences by giving them only the best options for their travel needs. 

Do you have a dream to travel to Jordan? If yes! Come to Jordan. is a leading tour and travel service provider in Jordan as we provide a wide variety of tour packages to travelers.

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We do our best to answer your inquiries right away. In case you do not get an answer from us within 24 hours, check your Spam folder or it means your message did not get to us. In this case please call or send us a Whatsapp text message, +962791151602

Have a lovely day and stay safe!


Your safety has our absolute priority at Joyful Jordanian Journeys. To guarantee the safety and health of both travelers and drivers as much as possible, Joyful Jordanian Journeys calls on drivers and travelers to observe the increased recommended safety regulations for all journeys. 

Health and safety measures

  • The interior of the vehicle is desinfected before every ride
  • Your driver wears a face mask at all times
  • For your own safety, we advise all guests to wear a face mask during the ride
  • A kind “Hello” instead of a handshake
  • Guests are only permitted to ride in the back seat

Stay up to date

We urgently advise our transport providers, drivers and customers to stay informed about the local situation and follow the guidance and advice of the WHO to protect yourselves and others from getting sick (check Advice for public of the WHO and Travel advice of the WHO).