Day Tour to Petra from Arava

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1 day Petra perfect English guided tour arrival at Arava border and exploring one of the world heritage cities, Petra. Passing the Siq road and visit the most famous monument of Petra, The Treasury. Discovering the ancient history and culture of the Nabatean Kingdom from houses, theaters, tombs, facades, and massive architecture of monasteries.

Day 1 – Arava Border – Petra Visit – Arava Border (L)

Upon arrival to Arava Border meet and assist by Jordan Experience representative, then drive to visit the site of Petra, There is no visit of Jordan will be complete without having seen the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom, Petra. The long-lost city of Petra, carved entirely by man into the rose-red sandstone rocks, puts your imagination to the test. It’s a mystic and glorious place, an eternal tribute to a lost civilization. Petra was the central meeting point of the Nabatean spice routes which originated from the Persian Gulf, Western Arabia, and the Red Sea. About two thousand years ago Petra became the capital of the Nabatean Empire. The city was so renowned that one of its kings, Aretas IV, is even mentioned in the Bible. The natural richness of the mountainous area combines in a superb way with the refined culture and massive architecture of the Nabateans, who carved their theatre, temples, façades, tombs, monasteries, houses roads entirely the rose-red sandstone rocks.
No wonder UNESCO placed Petra on its World Heritage List one enters Petra by passing the Siq, a deep and narrow gorge, at the end of which all of a sudden dramatically appears the most famous monument in Petra: Al-Khazneh or The Treasury. Maybe you will recognize it as the stage of the final sequence of the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’. But the Treasury is just the start. Walking and climbing in Petra hundreds of buildings carved in stone and eroded through the centuries into fabulous multi-colored walls will be revealed to you.
Then transfer to Arava Border for departure.

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