Wadi Rum - A Bedouin Expedition With Camels

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Trip Highlights: 
Join a convoy of camels and Bedouins walking the route of the Arab revolution and the old Arab merchants’ route from Saudi Arabia. Experience a true desert walking expedition through one of the world’s most beautiful deserts. Learn to be self -sufficient in the desert - cook your food, navigate, ride camels, and set up your campsite with the Bedouins. Hike to the summit of Jordan’s highest peak, Jabal Umm ad Dami (1,854 meters). Hike to the Burdah Rock Arch, Wadi Rum’s most spectacular natural feature.

In the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is known for its historical and cultural wealth. Over the centuries it has been a strategic base for nomadic Bedouins that have lived for thousands of years and built their kingdoms in this area. we offers a signature adventure like no other. Retrace history and take the opportunity to live like a Bedouin, walking their ancient paths, learning their secrets and following their destiny to modernization. You may join us on this exhilarating expedition as a guest but you will leave us like family.

Minimum 2 people are required to book this tour.
Maximum 12 people are required to book this tour. 


  • Day 1 - Amman – Transfer to Wadi rum

    Pick up from Amman airport or your hotel in Amman at 08:30 am by Rahhalah representative and transferred to Wadi rum.

    After arriving at Wadi rum by 2 pm, make a visit to the visitor center to get the tickets.

    You will then arrive via the Jeeps to our Wadi Rum camp for check-in and a night time relaxation after a delicious dinner on-site.

    You will enjoy a night under the stars.

    Overnight: Bedouin tourist camp

  • Day 2 - Wadi Rum/ the Arab Merchant Route

    8:00 am: Breakfast at the campsite.

    10:00 am: You will meet with our Bedouin team and our convoy of camels and, together and embark on the adventure.

    1:00 pm: Lunch. Set up a temporary campsite, light a fire and cook the first authentic Bedouin meal.

    7:00 pm: Dinner.

    Overnight: Camping

  • Day 3 - The Arab Revolution route

    5:00 am: We will wake up – like the Bedouins – at sunrise.

    8:00 am: Today’s journey will take us through a more modern section of the country’s history.

    12:00 pm-1:00 pm: Lunch.

    1:00 pm-5:00 pm: After lunch, we will continue our hike for another 4 hours to reach Alburda Mountain and enjoy the amazing sunset from our camping spot.

    7:00 pm: Dinner. Tonight.

    Overnight: Camping

  • Day 4 - The Burdah Rock Arch

    5:00 am: Another early rise and beautiful sunrise – which you will miss when back to civilization! Once again, you will bake your bread and enjoy your traditional Bedouin breakfast around the fire.

    8:00 am: The Alburda mountain (or Jabal Burdah as the locals call it) awaits us.

    Dinner on the campsite. Overnight: Camping

  • Day 5 - The Highest Peak in Jordan Um Al Dami

    5:00 am: Our early-breakfast tradition never fails us so, once again, we start the day early, driving to Um Al Dami, the starting point of our hike.

    7:00 am: You will hike to the summit of Jordan’s Highest Peak – Um Al Dami– at an elevation of 1,854 m.

    12:00 pm: You will be transferred by jeep to a lunch spot in Wadi rum with a traditional Bedouin family.

    You then arrive at our Wadi Rum tourist camp for check-in and a night time relaxation after a delicious dinner on-site. We will enjoy a night under the stars.

    Overnight: Bedouin tourist camp.

  • Day 6 - Wadi rum - Amman

    07:00 am: Breakfast and checkout from the camp and we drive back to Amman International airport for your departure flight back home.


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